What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing turns average marketing into scientifically-backed conversion! Learn more about the details and benefits of running A/B testing on your platform.

Defining A/B Testing

A/B testing, also just written as AB testing, is a method where two versions of a given piece of marketing content are used simultaneously to determine which is better performing. Options will be shown to users or consumers at random, and each variation will be tracked to see which results in better performance with respect to the given conversion goal. Conversion goals may include metrics concerning number of clicks, number of sales, number of shares, or even number of comments, replies, and reviews left.

Learning More About the Details of A/B Testing

A/B testing may also be called split testing or bucket testing. Running A/B tests gives marketing teams the opportunity to inquire about detailed, focused, and/or minute aspects of a campaign, website, or app interface. The most common types of A/B testing include landing page optimization and button copy conversion ability. Landing page optimization details a campaign-specific web page's ability to turn visitors into sales for a specific product or objective, typically within a given timeframe. Button copy refers to call to actions, or CTAs, which are powerful terms used to encourage buyer behavior. Teams testing button conversion use A/B testing as a way to run things like "Buy now!" versus "Buy today!" on a similar set of consumers to see which is more likely to result in a favorable outcome.

Why A/B Testing Can Help

There are many reasons to invest in A/B testing. A/B testing brings science into the realm of marketing, removing emotional marketing tactics and settling internal debates on how to best phrase things, ensuring objective company success. It turns, "I think this will work" into "This has worked" by allowing companies to affect user experience and collect empirical evidence on how to best display content. By running only one change at a time, it's clear which changes have a true effect on consumer behavior, as well as which ones may be unnecessary or unimportant. Through multiple A/B test scenarios, companies can craft the perfect website or platform that turns every bit of traffic into sales.

The Efficacy and Effects of A/B Testing

Through affecting the consumer experience, businesses are capable of making essential steps towards an all-around successful marketing campaign. A/B testing is not just on websites or business platforms, but can also be on ad copy found across the web. Clicks can be tracked to show which version of an advertisement yields more visitors, influencing both the current and future campaigns. A/B testing can even be step-by-step, where teams create variations that encompass the ad, the landing page, the button copy, and even the "add to cart" functionality, seeing which subsequent conditions best convert visitors to customers.

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