Top Three Tips for Writing Natural Product Descriptions That Sell

Writing product descriptions that sell while still maintaining a natural tone can be difficult. Learn about how to craft the perfect one with Radiant.

Crafting Stand-Out Product Descriptions That Sell

Creating the perfect product takes a lot of time and effort, and when it’s finally finished, the excitement to present a new product to consumers is overwhelmingly exciting. Yet, after all of the work that goes into making a commodity, there’s still one thing left: the product description. Product descriptions are responsible for selling your product just as much as the product sells itself, especially on Shopify. However, many entrepreneurs find that being so close to a piece of work can make it hard to write about. Here, we take a look at three of the most important tips for crafting effective product descriptions.

Connect With the Customer

The first step in writing a product description: forget about the product itself. Many marketers write detailed descriptions about what a product is and does, even though products often speak for themselves. The purpose of everyday items is evident, and even niche items have more specific audiences that still understand the practical goal. 

In writing a powerful product description, opt for language that speaks towards the benefits of a product and how it will enhance a customer’s life. Mental imagery and emotions influence buying behaviour greatly, and your description’s purpose is to guide customers into envisioning themselves using said product.

This is the ideal time to solidify an understanding of your audience. You can no longer think solely about what a given demographic is, but also about where they aspire to be. In understanding the motivations and driving factors behind buying behaviour, you can connect with customers to give a clear idea of how your product fits into their lifestyle – current and future.

Choose Words With Purpose

All product descriptions – for the most part – fulfil their role, even ones that do simply describe a product. With that said, the goal is to go above and beyond within your description, so your product can stand out from competitors with similar items.

It can be helpful to write a product description as it naturally comes to mind, and then use online resources to find synonyms for the words used. Create lists of words that “do” and “don’t” fit your company or product culture. For example, streetwear can be described as “fashionable” and “stylish.” In limited character count descriptions, which works best? Which captures your target audience’s dream lifestyle? And most of all, would “trendy” have been a better word altogether? 

Most of all, maintain a casual tone without stepping outside the lines of being a brand. Younger generations especially have grown to dislike companies that overuse youthful lingo in an attempt to artificially connect, and generally trend towards natural language that has a smaller emphasis on marketing jargon. Less is often more in product descriptions. 

Consider SEO

Your store is hosted online, and each and every product page should keep search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. There are a plethora of online tools, including Google’s own Trends application, where you can compare the search frequency of certain product descriptors. Moreover, you can take a look at what people search alongside them, which can help guide other key words. 

Consider also that SEO-based product descriptions can be extremely helpful for customers who scan descriptions as opposed to reading them. While SEO is usually thought of as useful only for computers, customers seeking specific qualifiers will read product descriptions in a relatively similar way. Especially for brands producing, say, more technical products that have specs or clothing made with unique materials, keeping those keywords easy to find is ideal for computers and people alike. Afterall, consumers tend to only read a minimal portion of any product page. Make sure what they do read is informational.

Put Time Into Product Descriptions

We know that turning a working product description into a top-tier characterisation that sells isn’t the easiest, but the time spent finding an engaging way to share details about your product always pays off. Whether you’re looking for someone to help with product descriptions in a pinch or go so far as to revamp your Shopify site, Radiant has a team of experts that make selling a breeze. Get in touch with today to elevate your online E-Commerce platform through custom Shopify stores, premier branding, and dedicated priority support. Your product deserves it.

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