Ultimate Black Friday Checklist Part 3: 12 things to check off in November

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November is where all your early prep pays off. Implement, course correct, and hit those sales targets for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

‘Tis the season of holiday savings for customers, and heart palpitations for ecommerce managers. If you’d like to mix it up and have a little sanity left over for December, download our Ultimate Black Friday Checklist as a printable PDF here, or keep reading for the 12 things you’ll need to check off your list before Cyber Week hits.

November is where all your early prep pays off. Implement, course correct, and hit those sales targets

Step 1: Begin lead up campaigns

✅Launch your BFCM campaign messaging on social media just before and during the event

✅Announce offers via email campaigns right before and during the event

✅Use a countdown and messaging to encourage immediate action

✅Make sure you recover abandoned carts

✅Turn the traffic you bought earlier into conversions by using remarketing and email campaigns

✅Make sure you don’t spend too much budget on broad or irrelevant keywords on Google. Since there will be high volume and high competition that day, it is important to check Google Search terms and optimise the campaigns

✅Check your paid and organic social media posts regularly to answer customer questions

✅Touch base with your brand’s values around BFCM, such as letting your audience know you care for the environment, and steps you’re taking for sustainability at this high-consumption time of year

Step 2: Verify all automation is ready

✅Send a test email for any automated email flows you will be activating

✅If using software such as Launchpad, set up a test time to temporarily change an element of your content Test any discount codes ahead of time to ensure these are configured correctly

Step 3: Verify your site and customer experience

✅Do a final QA test of your website

Step 4: Run the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales of your career!

✅You did it! Take a moment to celebrate the wins and note what you learned for next year.

Feeling a little behind on your BFCM preparation plan? Download our full Ultimate Checklist here, including 3 months of to-do lists from September all the way to Cyber Week.

Want a hand implementing this guide? Get in touch with us.