How Do Shopify and Independent Retail Stores Coexist?

A common misconception is that independent shops are being pushed away by E-Commerce, when the opposite is actually true! See how the two can coexist here.

The Coexistence of Shopify and Small Independent "Mom-and-Pop" Shops

In the modern world, traditional companies have had to adapt and evolve to meet the internet's demands. Mom-and-pop shops are essential to economies across the globe, and supporting them puts money directly back into their local communities. It was not until recently that mom-and-pop shops joined larger competitors in the E-Commerce world, much because online shopping was originally seen as poison to local businesses. However, we're finding the opposite to be true, with Shopify actually enhancing the consumer experience of smaller stores.

How Shopify Can Benefit Family-Owned Mom-and-Pop Shops

A huge misconception is that E-Commerce is killing traditional mom-and-pop businesses, but is that really the case? E-Commerce gives more brick-and-mortar businesses online opportunities that standalone stores cannot offer. Today, we'll be looking at a few of the ways that E-Commerce platforms like Shopify actually enhance the potential of mom-and-pop shops.

Online Shopping is the New Avenue for Retail

For Millennials and GenZ, online shopping is convenient. Consumers have more trust in the quality of family businesses. There’s faith that products will be delivered as advertised, which makes shopping in-store far less necessary. Ultimately, these online shops give locally-owned businesses the ability to share their family experience without necessitating an in-store model.

E-Commerce Platforms Bring Products to a Wider Audience

It is through this aforementioned new avenue for shopping that small businesses can connect with their greater community. With E-Commerce platforms, it's easier than ever to bring products and services to a wider group of consumers. Many mom-and-pops may not be known by the next town over, and surrounding communities can discover nearby stores via online resources. This can be essential in preserving the longevity of a mom-and-pop shop, with acquired relevancy making them more likely to be passed on to future generations.

Shopify Offers More Marketing Opportunities

Sites and platforms like Shopify give mom-and-pop businesses more opportunities for marketing. For one, a well-formulated website allows stores to appear on search engines and rank from a search engine optimisation perspective. Mom-and-pop shops are provided a platform to share both their services or goods, as well as features like blogs, advice columns, recipes, and DIY guides. There are endless opportunities to find significance online through such a commerce platform, the traffic of which can foster sales. Moreover, being found is an awesome opportunity for not just more customers, but also more business opportunities, including finding like-minded companies and forming partnerships.

Shopify Improves In-Store Checkout

In 2013, Shopify implemented their out point of sale (POS) system. Through an iPad app and accompanying card reader, brick-and-mortar stores are able to sell products and receive payment without using third party payment platforms. This information is then synced with a store’s Shopify data, allowing for easy tracking of inventory and sales. When customers purchase goods using a Shopify POS system, there’s a better consumer experience with frictionless checkout and great service. This system simplifies the transition from in-store to online, and unifies a mom-and-pop shop’s multiple sources of sales.

We’re Happy to Help Mom-and-Pop Shops With Shopify

Especially among the current COVID-19 global pandemic, online shopping's role in overall commerce has grown exponentially. Radiant loves giving support to a wide variety of businesses, and mom-and-pop shops are certainly no exception! We know and understand the vital role family-owned businesses play in both our economies and communities, and love helping smaller stores find their footing in the digital world. Our experienced team has worked with a wide variety of clients, from big to small. Radiant can help you with both setting up, and customising your Shopify store, helping you stand out from your competitors with ease. Not tech savvy? No worries! Our Shopify agency also offers priority support services for on-going web upkeep and maintenance, so you can have the peace of mind that your store is always in good hands. Contact us today for all of your E-Commerce needs!

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