Must-Have Apps to Manage Your E-Commerce Team

Managing a team can get hectic, and the key to a successful e-commerce store is effective organisation. Check out the best apps for e-commerce teams!

E-Commerce Apps for Managing Your Shopify Store’s Team

There’s a lot that goes into managing an e-commerce team, and the success of your business can come down to just how organised you are. When it comes to organisation, there’s a lot you may need to keep track of: employee schedules, marketing campaigns, social media accounts, website changes, landing page additions, and inventory, stock, and supply chain management. There’s no need to get stressed out by organisation though, and plenty of applications integrate with Shopify to make managing your storefront all that much easier.

Communication: Slack

Slack is an application designed with communication in mind. This app allows members to create separate chat rooms, called “channels,” which can be organised by topic, groups, or direct messaging. Slack has handy search features for finding that topic you talked about over three months ago, and allows for document sharing and pinned topics in group channels. One handy feature about Slack is its personal statuses, which you can set to alert other members about your whereabouts if you’re sick, on vacation, or in a meeting during the workday.

Collaboration: Trello

Trello is a collaborative platform arranged in the form of boards, lists, and cards. Boards are used to organise larger concepts, like clients, product categories, or umbrellas of information. Individual ideas, projects, or to-do’s get their own lists within their board, which function as organisational columns. Often, lists are named as “to do,” “in progress,” and “done.” From there, tasks can be added under each list as cards, and each card contains additional information when clicked in to, such as due dates, checklists, comments, and attachments.

Organization: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a reliable communication and organisational platform that touches on most app abilities in some capacity. Like Slack, it has chat functionality with the capacity to search through sent messages, and it’s possible to host online meetings through audio or video calling like Zoom. Microsoft Teams connects easily with Office apps, including the well-known Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. One impressive aspect is that Microsoft Teams can grant guest access to other existing teams, and has over 250 integrated apps that allow you to customise the platform as you see fit.

Organization: Zapier

Zapier is a platform for e-commerce integrations, and can be especially helpful for those in upper management. Zapier connects your third party applications to Slack, taking information and putting it into Slack’s channels. For instance, you can link Slack and Trello through Zapier so that cards that move or change status have automatic updates sent to the channel of your choice. Another example of Zapier’s powers is linking it to POS apps and payment platforms like PayPal for transactional messages, letting you know about incoming payments or withdrawals. If you’re finding that you have all the apps you need to run your e-commerce space but you’re struggling to keep track of them all, this is the way to do it.

Project Management: Monday is a project management system that consists of boards called “workspaces.” Within each workspace, you can create tables with any number of columns and subitems, and said items can be assigned to one or more specific team members. Team members enjoy a section that shows just what’s due that week for them, and it’s easy to leave comments for other team members to see. For those with many deadlines and deliverables as part of their e-commerce storefront, or with separate sub-teams handling various functions, makes it easy for each member to know their specific tasks and for you to monitor follow-through.

Project Management: Asana

Asana is a project management software that revolves around organising the tasks that are on your to-do list. Overarching projects can be created, with that specific initiative’s tasks organised within it by team, date, and more. Collaborative aspects allow management to control access and notification settings for project members. Asana’s guide mentions that the most prominent types of projects created on it are deadline-driven, ongoing processes, and planning or reference pages. It’s easy to organise any team-related tasks through their filterable custom fields. Asana is helpful for holding chats through posting and commenting, and offers a lot of team-oriented aspects like team calendars and conversations.

Meetings: Zoom

Given the movement to work from home and remote learning, you’ve likely heard of the platform Zoom. Zoom is an application that allows for digital communication through audio, chat, and video options. It’s perfect for video conferencing, web conferencing, and webinars. Some teams have modified it for creative breakout rooms and workspaces, while other businesses have modified its traditional use to instead host customer events.

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