Best Shopify Agencies in the UK

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the UK and potentially in the world. Due to their popularity, Shopify managed to build a whole ecosystem around the platform. There are many agencies that specialise in Shopify, but not all of them are worth your time or money.

In our quest to identify the best Shopify agencies, we've honed in on two specific criteria: firstly, we've directed our focus towards UK-headquartered agencies, ensuring a local touch for businesses operating in this region. Secondly, we've set our sights on larger agencies, steering clear of individual freelancers or one-trick ponies who can merely build a website.

Our mission is clear: to present you with a curated list of Shopify-centric agencies that possess the experience, expertise, and dedication needed to elevate your eCommerce venture. So, if you're looking for a UK-based agency with proven experience and expertise, this list will give you some options to consider.

Top 12 Shopify Agencies in the UK

Shopify is a great platform for online stores. It allows you to set up your own eCommerce website with ease, whether you're selling physical products or digital downloads.

Shopify agencies can help you get started, or build your store from scratch. They have experience building hundreds of different types of stores, so they can offer expert advice on what features would work best for your business. The best Shopify agencies will be able to overlook your business and offer you growth services, consultancy, advice on complicated website integration to enhance your business operations.

Radiant Shopify Agency

Oh, that’s us! Hi! As much as we want to shout about how amazing we are, we will try to be very objective and describe our agency, just as we describe others!

Radiant, formerly known as Full Fat Commerce, is a development and design Shopify agency specialising in Shopify design, re-design, re-platforming and Shopify development. While headquartered in Birmingham, Radiant's reach extends far beyond city limits. They understand that e-commerce is a global endeavour, and their talent pool spans the world. This global perspective allows them to cater to clients worldwide.

Radiant specialises in creating e-commerce stores that perform. They have a deep understanding of Shopify's platform and ecosystem, allowing them to optimise store performance and user experience. They are known for their expertise in tech integrations, data migration, audits & analysis.

Radiant has been illuminating the e-commerce landscape since its establishment in 2018. With rapid growth and a strong client base, they've gained and impressive portfolio backed up by amazing feedback from the clients.

Radiant offers a wide range of services, including website design and build, e-commerce strategy, conversion rate optimization, support and maintenance, app development, replatforming, data migration, tech integrations, site speed optimization, audits, analysis, and backend development.

Radiant takes a holistic approach to your e-commerce success. They provide ongoing support, ensuring your website remains efficient and effective, so you can focus on your business. Radiant prioritizes clarity and communication with their clients. They know the importance of a hassle-free experience and strive to be a reliable partner who proactively addresses your needs, eliminating the frustration of chasing your agency for answers.

Website: (well, you are here already!)

Squashed Pixel

Squashed Pixel is a highly experienced e-commerce agency based in Keighley, Yorkshire, that recently celebrated 14 years in the business. They assist startups and established businesses worldwide in selling more online, in physical stores, and on third-party marketplaces like Amazon.

Squashed Pixel is a highly experienced e-commerce agency based in Keighley, Yorkshire, that recently celebrated 14 years in the business. They assist startups and established businesses worldwide in selling more online, in physical stores, and on third-party marketplaces like Amazon.

Squashed Pixel brings a client-centric approach to the table. They are a team of expert problem-solvers with over a decade of real-world experience. They’ve assisted over 700 businesses in excelling online and in physical stores. Their expertise extends to complex warehousing solutions and bespoke migrations. Squashed Pixel prides itself on clear, honest communication, translating technical jargon into real-world terms with tangible results. Client testimonials reflect the high level of client satisfaction they consistently achieve.

Squashed Pixel has garnered a reputation for client satisfaction, supported by a portfolio of successful projects and glowing client testimonials. Over the years, Squashed Pixel has earned several awards, a testament to their dedication to excellence in the industry.

Beyond store design, Squashed Pixel provides a comprehensive suite of services, including training, store configuration, platform migrations, and app integrations. They are a one-stop shop for businesses seeking end-to-end digital solutions.


Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons is a highly-rated full-service agency, based in Gloucester. They offer a comprehensive range of e-commerce services, making them a convenient one-stop shop for businesses, they are full-services agency providing branding, design & development, marketing and even photography services.

As a family-owned agency, Blue Horizons provides a personalized touch to their services. Blue Horizons takes pride in consistently earning excellent client reviews, reflecting their commitment to exceptional service and value.

With two decades of industry experience, a marketing-centric approach, and a comprehensive service portfolio, Blue Horizons is a solid choice for businesses seeking e-commerce success.


We Make Websites

We Make Websites, based in London, are committed to delivering outstanding results. Their track record includes case studies where clients have seen their revenue double.

Established in 2009, there been delivering enterprise-level solutions on Shopify Plus for a number of years. In 2021, they have expanded their reach by joining BORN XDS, a network of top-tier agencies specialising in technology, commerce, and experience design.

They start by understanding clients’ business and objectives, and use in-depth workshops to plan the best approach. We then design and launch Shopify websites, focusing on conversion, accessibility, SEO, global reach, and performance. Beyond project completion, they work as an extension of the client’s team to continuously optimise their website for long-term e-commerce success.

With over a decade of experience and a portfolio of over 600 successful stores, they have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.



Charle Agency, headquartered in London, is an aggressively growing Shopify Agency known for its comprehensive e-commerce solutions. They specialize in providing tailored services for businesses of all sizes. Their services include website design and development, bespoke theme customization, custom app integration, migration services, and ongoing support, and many more.

Charle Agency, founded in 2018, brings together a team of diverse e-commerce expert. They are a Shopify-accredited agency. Charle Agency creates visually stunning and highly functional e-commerce websites that not only attract traffic but also engage customers and boost conversions.

They operate as an extension of their clients' teams, offering comprehensive services, including full-scale project builds and ongoing support. Charle Agency is known for its forward-thinking approach, unafraid to voice their expertise, and thrives on communication and close working relationships.


Noughts & Ones

Noughts & Ones, a Bristol-based Shopify agency with a mission, specialises in custom e-commerce design and development for conscious, ethical, and sustainable brands. Their services encompass a wide range of offerings, from theme-led to fully bespoke store creation or redesign. At the core of their approach is their unique "Conscious Development™" framework, ensuring that their work aligns with your brand's purpose and values.

Noughts & Ones has been dedicated to their cause since their inception, aiming to make a difference in the e-commerce landscape. Their commitment to conscious development sets them apart, demonstrating their expertise in creating environmentally and socially responsible online stores.

When it comes to pricing, Noughts & Ones prioritise transparency in cost discussions, working closely with clients to ensure a clear understanding of the project's scope and associated expenses.

Noughts & Ones creates eco-friendly Shopify stores through their unique Conscious Development™ Framework, prioritising design, user experience, and environmental impact. They streamline user journeys, optimise mobile design, and focus on dark mode and reduced colour palettes. They emphasise efficient code to reduce energy consumption, optimize media, and ensure accessibility. They also choose eco-conscious partners, offset emissions, and advocate for green hosting to reduce energy use, partnering with businesses in the ethical and sustainable e-commerce space.



Swanky is headquartered in Exeter, United Kingdom. Swanky is a leading global Shopify Plus Agency offering end-to-end services aimed at maximising growth and revenue for e-commerce retailers. Their comprehensive offerings include store design, development, conversion rate optimization, SEO, and paid marketing on platforms like Meta, Google, and Bing.

Founded in 2010, Swanky has been a trusted player in the e-commerce industry. In 2016, they were among the first three agencies in Europe to become official Shopify Plus Experts.

As a top-tier Shopify Plus Agency, Swanky offers a full suite of innovative and award-winning digital solutions. They are known for their ability to create visually stunning Shopify Plus stores that consistently drive conversions. They also provide strategic digital marketing, analytics reporting, conversion rate optimization, and internationalization support to enhance brands and vital e-commerce metrics.

Swanky primarily works with enterprise brands and disruptive scale-ups, catering to clients in the UK, US, Europe, and APAC regions. They have gained global recognition as the preferred Shopify Plus agency for D2C subscription brands, with particular expertise in sectors such as food & drink, pet care, and health & wellness.

Swanky's dedication to excellence is exemplified by their achievement of the CRO Agency of the Year award at the 2022 European Agency Awards.



Propeller is a digital agency based in London with an office in New York. Established in 2001, they offer a wide array of services, including web design, development, and digital marketing. While they are not exclusively a Shopify agency, they have earned recognition as the Best Shopify Agency of 2022, winning the prestigious Clutch Award.

With over two decades in the industry since their founding in 2001, Propeller boasts a wealth of experience in delivering exceptional digital solutions. Their expertise spans various platforms, showcasing their versatility in catering to diverse client needs.

Propeller takes pride in being a dedicated and multi-disciplinary team of digital specialists. Their primary focus is on delivering stunning Shopify Plus stores for their clients. Their production team ensures that their work is not only visually engaging but also interactive, incorporating the latest technology to create the best possible user experience. Beyond Shopify, they cover all aspects of the digital landscape, including UX & Creative, Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, Online Content, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing & Strategy.

Propeller's dedication to both their team members and clients is underscored by their mission to create tech solutions that enhance the lives of customers.


Rainy City Agency

Rainy City Agency is an award-winning female-led Shopify and Shopify Plus design and development agency that is based in Manchester.  With a focus on design, development, and strategic planning, they have a track record of delivering impressive results. Their services encompass migrations, redesigns, custom functionality, and bespoke growth strategies, all geared toward creating a unique customer experience to drive brand growth and scalability.

Since 2017, this agency has been designing, building, and strategising for notable brands, including Lee Stafford, Imbue, OGEE, and more. They take pride in their proactive partnership approach and their commitment to long-term relationships with clients, emphasising creativity, technical excellence, and results.

Rainy City Agency values a positive working relationship and offers a small initial project to allow clients to get to know them and vice versa. This approach fosters a sense of mutual understanding and compatibility. They also prioritise integration into the client's business, aiming to deeply understand their customers' needs and create solutions that not only enhance conversions and customer lifetime value but also free up time for the client to focus on core business activities.



Kubix is a Shopify agency located in Birmingham, they provide design, development as well as marketing and branding services. They are an official Shopify Plus Partner.

Kubix offers a range of services, including store building or redesign, content marketing, web development, and branding.

Kubix has been in the business since around 2015 and they have been listed on the Experts directory since July 2016. This indicates that they have several years of experience in the e-commerce and digital marketing space and their customers seem to be very happy with the quality of work received.

Kubix emphasizes going beyond the brief and taking businesses to the next level. They mention immersive discovery audits, seamless migration projects, and powerful marketing strategies, suggesting a comprehensive approach to helping businesses achieve their e-commerce goals.

Kubix's approach is rooted in a set of 15 core brand values that guide their agency's decisions and actions. They emphasize teamwork, respect for differences, personal growth, client-centricity, transparency, continuous learning and innovation, and a commitment to improvement and adaptability. These values collectively form their moral code of ethics and guide their approach to working with clients and each other.



Blubolt is an agency based in Bath, England, that has been in operation since 2006. The agency's journey began when founders Maxwell Lamb and Chris Mattingly realised the limitations of existing third-party eCommerce platforms and decided to create their own solution, bluCommerce.

BluCommerce, their eCommerce platform, was born out of the need for a versatile system that could empower online retailers with various features, including lead acquisition, marketing capabilities, enhanced lead conversion, global expansion, and robust integrations. This platform became the foundation of Blubolt's success, enabling them to drive high growth for great British brands like Seasalt and Hush and even set industry standards, as recognised by Which? Magazine readers in 2018. (Today, in 2023 we can't locate the platform anymore.)

Blubolt has since become known for its award-winning designs, revenue-driving custom apps, expert optimisation advice, and long-lasting client partnerships that average over seven years. Blubolt is also renowned for its ability to solve unique client challenges with custom solutions and apps, including the Age Verifier, Bundle Builder, Sample Product Selector, and Date & Delivery Selector.

One notable aspect of Blubolt's approach is its commitment to client engagement and satisfaction. In 2021, they offered a free Design and UX Audit to Shopify Plus retailers, allowing clients to experience the agency's capabilities firsthand. Within seven days, clients receive a comprehensive report highlighting missed conversion opportunities. Worth asking them whether still do that!


Quickfire Digital

Quickfire Digital is an e-commerce agency based in Norwich, UK, with expertise in Shopify Plus solutions. They've earned recognition as the European E-commerce Agency of the Year 2023. Quickfire Digital focuses on optimising Shopify Plus to help various businesses, from startups to established brands, achieve their commercial goals.

They have developed their own tools and processes to enhance the performance of websites and technology stacks, going beyond traffic generation. Quickfire Digital are not just a Shopify agency, they offer services including website development, hosting, IT infrastructure management, and digital marketing. They also work with other platforms like WordPress to cater to diverse client needs.

Quickfire Digital has garnered awards for their work in the e-commerce sector, making them a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their digital presence and growth. Their 5-star reviews speak for themselves.


There are many Shopify agencies in the UK and it can be hard to choose, but we hope our list has given you some good options and inspiration. If you're looking for an agency that can help grow your business with e-commerce solutions then we highly recommend checking out our top 10 list above!