7 Product Configurator Examples

These days, customers prefer personalisation and the ability to make something their own. And this is where product configurators come in! By incorporating this feature into your e-commerce website, you can create a truly engaging shopping experience and stand out from the crowd. Here's a breakdown of some key product customisation options with examples to consider when building your online store.

Leverage Built-In Product Configurator Options

Most online store platforms offer built-in features for basic product customisation. This can include things like size, colour, and material selection. You can also explore options for engraving, adding custom text fields, or even offering product bundles with different combinations of items.

Basic product configurators work well for a variety of products that are simple such as the same jumper that comes in 4-5 different colours.

Product Configurator Examples

Dynamic Product Personalisation

Imagine a customer clicks on a red swatch and the product image instantly changes to red! This dynamic visual experience is incredibly engaging and can be achieved with third-party photo editing tools and some coding magic. There are also services specifically designed for creating these dynamic product views, making it easier to implement without extensive technical knowledge.

Dynamic product images work great for when you have a product that has a lot of different colours or styles such as trainers or bags - the ability to just dynamically change part of the image to a specific colour allows customers to easily navigate through and find the right colour for them.

Sergio Rossi

On the Sergio Rossi website, you can create your very own personalised version of Sergio Rossi's footwear ranging from the SR1 heeled pumps to the SR1 slippers.

With a built-in configurator, you can select and view not only the colour of the footwear, but also select different plates for your pumps.

Sergio Rossi's product configurator also incorporates lettering which allows you to further personalise your footwear. You can also have different lettering on the right and left shoes.

Overall, Sergio Rossi's product configurator makes for an excellent customer experience by offering a range of different personalisation options.

Tropic Skincare

Next, we have Tropic Skincare with their custom makeup palette. With so many individuals out there with different needs, having a custom makeup palette allows them to choose their favourite colours that match their tones well rather than settling for non-custom palettes where not all colours match their preferences.

Tropic Skincare offers 4 different size options which is great if you want more or less of certain makeup items. You have the ability to choose from a range of eyeshadows, blushers, powders and bronzers.

The finished customised palette will look like the below item.

Tropic Skincare is one step ahead when it comes to make-up customisation. The ability to choose each slot of the make-up palette will certainly appeal to customers! It is also worth mentioning, that our team have designed this beautiful Shopify website!


Yamaha is another brand that has upped their game with product configurators and customizers.

Those who love motorcycles can create their own Yamaha motorcycle. The website offers complete 360 rotation as well as the ability to configure a wide variety of areas including colour, electrical, luggage and more.

Once you select a certain customisation, it immediately appears on the motorcycle allowing you to see what it would look like. This customisation option is excellent for when you offer a variety of customisations - especially as the range of choice can sometimes make customers indecisive!

Pre-Designed Templates for Configurators

If you offer products like phone cases or t-shirts, consider offering pre-designed templates that customers can personalise with their own text, images, or logos. Many design apps integrate with online stores and allow for easy customisation within your store - there is also functionality to allow the customer to view what the product will look like once they have inputted their text.

Pre-designed template customisation is perfect for when you are selling personalised items such as mugs, t-shirts and prints.


Casetify offers a straightforward personalisation of their cases. Once you have selected the design you like, you can then choose the colour and case options. As you click on each case option, it immediately changes it on the screen. Although this personalisation example is more static (no ability to rotate the product), all of the images do change to show the updated case option.


Mugs are just one of the many items that can be personalised on Moonpig. You simply write the your personalised text and upload a photo of your choice and it will appear on the mug.

You have a few personalisation options here with the ability to choose from different font styles, increase or decrease the font size, play with the alignment of the text and also change the text colour. You also have the ability to adjust the photo by zooming in or rotating it.

Once you have made your edits, you can then click preview, this then renders a 360 - fully interactive - mug with your personalisation on it. You can zoom in and view from different angles as well as the inside of the mug.

Engrave or Embroider for a Personal Touch

For products like jewellery, leather bags and even some electronics, consider offering engraving or embroidery options. Customers can add initials, names, or even short messages for a truly personal touch. Visually seeing the customer's inputted text as an engraving on the product makes them more likely to want to buy their chosen item!

Most customers will want to personalise and engrave their wedding rings for example and having a product configurator which allows you to render the engraving for the customer to view is very appealing.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors gives its customers the ability to personalise and engrave some of their leather products including their leather bags. Although you can only add up to 3 characters, there is the ability to select the monogram colour as well as two options for character size.


Finally, we have Pandora who have a dedicated jewellery section for personalised jewellery. Once you have chosen your favourite jewellery, you can get it engraved on either the front or back of the item. Although there is no specified character limit, depending on your font size, it will let you know when you have reached the limit. You can also choose from a wide variety of font styles.

As well as text, Pandora also offers the ability to get icons engraved onto your chosen jewellery. This further enhances the personalisation experience for their customers.

Shopify Basic Product Configurator Options

For those using Shopify, the platform offers a set of built-in customisation options. You can define product variants based on size, colour, material, and even offer product engraving or add custom text fields for initials or monograms.

Product Variants & Options

This is the foundation of customisation on Shopify. You can define product variants based on attributes like size, colour, material, and even engraving options. You can have up to 3 options (e.g., size, colour, material) with a maximum of 100 variations within those options (e.g., S, M, L for size; 10 different colours; 2 materials).

Shopify Product Configurator Apps

The Shopify App Store also boasts a wealth of tools to further enhance product customisation, making it a great platform for businesses looking to offer a truly personalised shopping experience.

Product Options & Customizer

The Product Options & Customizer app lets you create a range of different product customisation options. From engraving options to file uploads, you can personalise everything and even charge extra for premium customisation.

Qstomizer ‑ Custom products

Qstomizer is another app available on the Shopify app store that allows you to extend product customisation capabilities allowing your customers to design their bespoke creations on your products. Qstomizer has more than 200 pre-made product templates along with the ability to create your own.

Providing customers with the ability to customise and personalise items not only provides a better customer experience but it also makes your product become more meaningful to the customer. By personalising the item, they have added their own personal touch, such as an engraving, which will inevitably lead to better customer satisfaction.

And thanks to the latest technology, offering product customisation is much more accessible. Previously, building a product customiser for e-commerce required a significant investment. However, with affordable third-party solutions, creating a compelling product customiser to sell customised goods has become easy and affordable.