Finding the Perfect Student Discount for Your Business

You’ve decided you are ready to target Gen Z. You have identified that the most effective method of doing this is by offering a student discount. You’ve downloaded the Easy Student Discounts app and are ready to set up… But what size student discount should your business be offering?

The ideal student discount can vary based on your industry, and finding the perfect offer is essential to maximising your sales. By exploring the industry standards we can help you take the next steps to stand out from your competition.

Fashion: A Stylish 10% Off

Fashion brands typically offer a 10% discount to students. This not only appeals to budget-conscious students but also builds brand loyalty amongst young and trendy customers. 10% is a great starting point for your stylish student audience.

Beauty: Get Glam with Savings of 20%

A more generous discount of 20% is most popular in the beauty industry. Students regularly invest in self-care and the beauty industry strives to make their quality products more affordable to them by offering irresistible student offers. A 20% discount is a budget-friendly treat to student beauty-lovers everywhere.

Stationery: Equip Students with a 10% discount

Stationery brands usually offer a reasonable discount of 10% for their student customers. Stationery is a key essential for all students which is why stationery brands like to highlight their commitment to students on their academic journey with a discount of 10%.

Tech: Tech Savvy Savings of 15%

Tech brands tend to offer a discount of 15% to their student customers. As education progressively transitions to the digital world, a 15% discount on tech is a compelling offer for students looking looking to upgrade their gadgets in an affordable fashion.

Food: Satisfy Cravings with 25%+ Savings 

The food industry is known for offering generous student discounts ranging from 25% and beyond. With an enticing student discount, food brands can satisfy student's appetites and make their food even more enticing for students on a budget.

Students Save All Year Round

The discounts are typically provided all year round across each industry, however during peak student shopping periods, such as back-to-school time and the termly ‘student loan drop’, these discounts tend to be increased.

Step Up Your Student Sales With the Ideal Offer

We suggest you use these industry standards to determine your ideal student offer. For example you might want to stand out from your competition by offering a larger discount to capture attention or to position your brand as extra student-friendly. 

Get Started Today!

Ultimately, it is important that your student discount offer aligns with the needs of your business. However, if your goal is to increase average order value, drive sales and improve brand loyalty with Gen Z  we suggest utilising exclusive student discount offers. If you haven't already, get started by installing the Easy Student Discounts app today!