Getting a good night’s rest is a tale as old as time — but Sleep365’s website needed to go from counting sheep to helping more people get great sleep.

  • Conversion Rate Increase

  • Revenue Increase

  • Average Order Value Increase

What we provided

Sleep365's website was transformed through our bespoke build, addressing its outdated state. We migrated them to the Shopify 2.0 platform, enabling them to take charge of their online presence with enhanced autonomy to create a website as classic as counting sheep.

  • Design & UX
  • Shopify Plus Development

Partners we worked with

  • Yotpo

    Yotpo helps thousands of forward-thinking brands like Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT, and Steve Madden to collect reviews, ratings, photos, and videos and turn customer content into sales.

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The final outcome is a cutting-edge e-commerce site leveraging the power of the Shopify 2.0 platform, ensuring seamless functionality and a superior shopping experience.