How to check if a site is Shopify

When shopping online, you may be curious to know if the website you are shopping on has been built using Shopify. You may also be considering creating a website using Shopify. Determining if a website is using Shopify can provide valuable insights into the platform's popularity and the features that contribute to its success.

To make it easier for you, below we have listed all of the different ways to check if a site is using Shopify.

Check if a website is using Shopify

To check if a site is powered by Shopify, you can look for specific Shopify indicators like "/collections/" in the URL for shop categories. You can also enter the URL of a website in any browser and append "/admin" at the end of it. If the website is using Shopify, it will display a Shopify admin login page. These are initial cues that the website is likely hosted on the Shopify platform.

Code Inspection

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, inspecting the website's source code can be enlightening. Right-click on the webpage, select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element", and navigate to the HTML code. Look for Shopify-specific tags and references, such as or These instances in the code serve as clear indicators of the website's reliance on the Shopify platform.

Third-Party Tools

Several online tools are specifically designed to identify the technology stack of a website. Services like "BuiltWith" and browser extensions such as "Wappalyzer" not only confirm if a site is on Shopify but also offer a comprehensive breakdown of the technologies in use. This includes details about hosting providers, content delivery networks, and analytics tools, providing a holistic view of the website's infrastructure.

Robots.txt File Exploration

The "robots.txt" file is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and search engines. Exploring a store's robots.txt file, typically found at the root of the domain, may reveal references to Shopify or specific Shopify-related paths. This subtle trail within the file can serve as additional confirmation of the Shopify platform in use. You can do so by appending /robots.txt to the end of a url. Once you hit enter, and if it is a Shopify site, you may see a message on the web page which is says something similar to "we use Shopify as our ecommerce platform".

How to tell what Shopify theme a website is using

The aesthetic appeal of an online store is a critical factor in attracting customers and building a brand identity. If you come across a Shopify store with a design that resonates with you, discovering the theme it uses can provide a solid foundation for your store's visual identity.

To identify the Shopify theme of a website, you can use online tools like "Shopify Theme Detector" or browser extensions such as "WhatRuns." These tools not only reveal the active theme but also provide additional information about the theme's popularity and customisation.

Every Shopify store is built upon a theme that dictates its visual appearance and functionality. To discover the theme a particular website is using, consider utilising online tools like "Shopify Theme Detector" or browser extensions such as Wappalyzer. These tools efficiently scan the website and provide valuable information about the active theme.

How to see what Shopify plugins a website uses

Enhancing the functionality of your Shopify store often involves leveraging plugins to add features and improve user experience. If you encounter a website with impressive functionalities, discovering the plugins it has installed can provide valuable insights into optimising your own store.

To identify Shopify plugins on a website, you can use browser extensions like "BuiltWith" or online tools such as "Shopper Ninja." These tools scan the website and provide a list of installed plugins and apps. Additionally, examining the website's source code and looking for script tags related to Shopify apps can offer clues about the plugins in use.

How to find out what apps a Shopify store is using

Apps play a pivotal role in extending the functionality of a Shopify store, offering a wide array of features to enhance the customer experience. If you come across a Shopify store with functionalities you wish to incorporate, discovering the apps it uses is essential for replicating that success.

To find out what apps a Shopify store is using, you can use browser extensions like "Shopify Inspector" or online tools like "Shopify App Detector." These tools analyse the website and provide a comprehensive list of installed apps. Additionally, checking the store's URL for specific app-related paths or inspecting the source code for app-related script tags can reveal the applications in use.

Recognising a Shopify-powered website involves a blend of observation, online tools, and code inspection. Whether you're a curious consumer or an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, understanding the platform behind a website can offer valuable insights. Armed with the techniques discussed in this article, you can navigate the online shopping landscape with a sharper eye, gaining a deeper appreciation for the ubiquitous presence of Shopify in the e-commerce realm.

Shopify stands out as one of the leading global platforms for e-commerce websites. With Shopify, much of the cumbersome work is handled, allowing store owners to concentrate on their core business. If you're interested in creating a website using Shopify, get in touch to see how we can help you.