Headless Shopify Stores Leading the Way

In the ever-evolving world of online commerce, businesses are rewriting the rules of success through Headless Shopify. This tech-savvy approach, separating the front and back ends of online stores, offers a level of flexibility and speed that's changing the game. Let's delve into the success stories of companies that have embraced this approach and transformed their digital landscapes, proving that simplicity and innovation can go hand in hand.


Nanoleaf, a global consumer electronics company specializing in LED lighting, upgraded to Shopify Plus to transform its direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales into the most profitable channel. Headless Shopify allowed Nanoleaf to scale global commerce, expanding to the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia, with a nearly two-fold increase in business intelligence efficiency and 25% faster product delivery. Shopify's app ecosystem, combined with Hydrogen for headless commerce, enabled Nanoleaf to localize content, automate digital marketing with Shopify Flow, and integrate Microsoft ERP for improved data processing and faster shipping, doubling conversions and achieving a 375% improvement in page load speed.


Montreal-based BonLook, a prescription eyeglasses retailer, leveraged a headless omnichannel solution on Shopify Plus to enhance customer experiences online and offline. With a focus on customization, Shopify Plus allowed BonLook to handle the complexities of prescription eyewear purchases seamlessly. The move resulted in an 18% increase in average order value and 15% of shoppers making repeat purchases within six months, showcasing the success of their unified shopping experience.

Complex Networks

Complex Networks, an entertainment company, turned to Shopify Plus to create ComplexLand, a groundbreaking digital shopping experience, after the cancellation of their physical event in 2020. Collaborating with design and experience agencies, they utilized Shopify's expertise to integrate commerce seamlessly into an immersive digital landscape, resulting in 3.2 million minutes of audience engagement, 1.3 million brand and commerce engagements, and a total of 9 million engagements from attendees.


Italian footwear retailer PittaRosso achieved record-breaking online sales by replatforming from Magento to Shopify Plus. Byte-Code, their technology partner, chose a headless architecture to address scalability and omnichannel goals. The move resulted in a 27% increase in 2022 BFCM revenue, an 11% YoY increase in conversion rate, and a remarkable 37% YoY growth in online net profit. The headless approach facilitated a seamless integration of new apps, enabling the brand to leverage Klarna for "Buy Now, Pay Later" and Klaviyo for marketing automation.


Rains, a Danish clothing and lifestyle brand, doubled its ecommerce business YoY with Shopify Plus, emphasizing its neo-Scandinavian aesthetic. The brand, initially on Shopify, scaled globally and achieved 2x YoY revenue growth for three consecutive years. Shopify's ease of integration allowed Rains to expand into the U.S., Spain, and Sweden effortlessly, showcasing the potential for future headless commerce implementation to further enhance scalability and resource efficiency.


ILIA, an award-winning clean beauty brand, transitioned to Shopify Plus and implemented a headless solution to enhance customization and deliver a flawless front-end digital experience. This allowed ILIA to experiment with diverse content types, significantly improving front-end capabilities such as page load speed, "find my shade" and "compare shades" functionalities, resulting in a 20% increase in developer deployment efficiency, an 18% decrease in exit rate, and a 10% improvement in bounce rate.


Bols, a legacy brand in the food and beverage industry, partnered with Shopify Plus agency Story of AMS to migrate to Shopify Plus for direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales at scale. Using a headless setup, Bols achieved flexibility in design and layout, resulting in the creation of content-rich experiences for customers. This approach led to selling in 28 countries with two global stores, a 50% increase in page speed, and a 65% reduction in time spent on finance and project management through automation.


Kotn, a fashion and apparel brand with a commitment to conscious creation and consumption, utilized Shopify Storefront API to power a headless build. The brand consolidated two stores into one with a new CMS, custom product pages, and checkout, resulting in quicker site changes, maintained site speed during peak traffic, and laying a foundation for leveraging future technology.


Allbirds, a globally recognized fashion and apparel brand, embraced Shopify Plus to run its omnichannel business, particularly using Shopify POS for in-store operations. With a focus on nimble retail foot traffic handling and improved omnichannel capabilities, Allbirds achieved increased conversions through the "buy in store, ship to customer" technology. The implementation allowed for up to 18 Shopify POS systems in each store, providing a seamless retail experience, smarter inventory management, and a 50% increase in page speed using a headless Shopify Plus setup.


FIGS, a healthcare apparel and lifestyle products company, seamlessly integrated a headless approach with Shopify Plus, leveraging Unbounce and Next.js for frontend management. This strategy significantly enhanced the customer purchasing experience by allowing custom-built landing pages to seamlessly link with Shopify product pages. FIGS now efficiently manages orders and adjusts inventory through Shopify Plus, providing a tailored and streamlined experience for both the business and its customers.


Babylist, a platform for expecting parents, embraced Shopify's headless commerce to revolutionize its registry experience. Integrating a Content Management System with Contentful, order management through Shopify, and checkout via Shopify Plus, Babylist achieved a remarkable 145% YoY increase in order volumes, a 300% boost in monthly iOS app checkouts within the first month, and a notable 102% YoY surge in gifts given. The headless approach not only streamlined operations but also significantly improved the overall user experience for parents-to-be.

Pure Daily Care

Pure Daily Care, a leading brand in at-home skincare and wellness, elevated its ecommerce revenue by 126% with a headless Shopify approach using Vue Storefront. Facing limitations in Shopify's native frontend features, Pure Daily Care retained Shopify for backend operations while going headless for a flexible storefront. This allowed the business to implement marketing programs efficiently, enhance the user experience, and achieve impressive growth metrics within just eight weeks of going live.

Saadia Group

Saadia Group, managing a diverse portfolio of brands, overcame challenges of disparate technologies and siloed content by adopting a headless content platform with Contentful. This composable commerce solution enabled Saadia Group to create a universal content model, accelerate digital refreshes for acquired brands, and respond to market trends in real-time. The company witnessed streamlined content operations, improved team relationships, and successful brand migrations, achieving a seamless and efficient digital experience for both marketers and customers.


Ruggable, a home decor brand, harnessed the power of composable content with Contentful, achieving an agile ecommerce site and improved content delivery. Migrating from WordPress to Contentful's headless approach, Ruggable experienced a successful Black Friday with streamlined operations and better localized content. The company plans to expand its digital ecosystem by migrating its blog and building additional localized marketing sites, showcasing the scalability and versatility of a headless content strategy.

As we explore these tales of innovation and success, it becomes evident that Headless Shopify Stores are not just leading the way; they are redefining the very essence of online commerce. Join us in this exploration of digital evolution, where the synergy of technology and customer-centricity paves the path for a new era in e-commerce excellence.