Our Rebrand from Full Fat Commerce to Radiant

After recently celebrating our 5-year anniversary, Full Fat Commerce has rebranded and we are now known as Radiant. Here I will explain the reasons behind this transition, its significance, and what lies ahead for the company.

Realising that you need to change your company name after 5 years of operation is a tough pill to swallow. It is years of reputation and brand-building that you are putting at risk and it can feel like a big leap of faith. However, it became clear to us that we have evolved a lot since our inception, necessitating a name that better represents our identity, values, and clients.

Initially intended to be a budget marketing and dev agency for small tasks, we have evolved into a company that takes on full-scale and premium projects for our clients. We also soon dropped the marketing aspect to focus on what we do best: designing, building, and optimising beautiful websites on Shopify. While we are so proud of the work that we do for our clients, we did feel that that it was not reflective of our own brand and that we needed a change.

Whilst we are still here, in Birmingham, with the same team, we are now different! Our rebranding took us through a thoughtful process of considering how the company's values, mission, and purpose had evolved over the past five years. Our new name, Radiant, captures the essence of how we hope to serve our clients, delivering high-quality work, and fostering ongoing growth within our team, allowing everyone to shine.

Radiant represents the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us and you can expect to hear a lot more from us in the coming weeks and months as we embark on this fresh journey.