Best Jewellery Website Designs

The world of jewellery is all about capturing hearts with exquisite craftsmanship and sparkling beauty. But in today's digital age, your online presence needs to shine just as bright as your products. Here are 10 online jewellery stores that have some of the best website designs.

10 Best Jewellery Website Designs

Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke offers timeless pieces with a modern twist, like classic diamond necklaces with unexpected coloured gemstones. Their website reflects this perfectly. Clean lines, high-quality product photos showcasing the jewellery against crisp white backgrounds, and subtle animations like hovering product zoom create a sophisticated and luxurious user experience.

Zoe & Morgan

This New Zealand-based brand focuses on delicate, nature-inspired pieces handcrafted from sterling silver and ethically sourced gemstones. Their website reflects this with a soft, ethereal aesthetic.

Tatty Devine

Not all jewellery is meant to be subtle. Some pieces are designed to make a statement, and your website design should reflect that! Tatty Devine embraces bold colours, playful fonts, and unique layouts to showcase their vibrant and quirky collections. This approach perfectly complements their brand identity and attracts a specific customer type who appreciates a touch of whimsy. And this website is also a great example of what is possible in terms of web design on Shopify!

Monica Vinader

This London-based brand offers personalised jewellery with a modern edge, from engravable bangles to stackable rings. Their website is a masterclass in user experience. Interactive features allow customers to customise their pieces in real-time, with options to choose metal type, engraving fonts, and even preview their creation on a model's hand. Clear product information with details on materials and dimensions makes informed decisions easy.

Anueva Jewelry

Anueva Jewelry focuses on beautifully sophisticated fine jewellery made from recycled gold and gemstones. Their website incorporates nature imagery with jewellery photographed against beautiful nature backdrops and rocks. Their website design aligns with their mission of being eco-friendly and minimising their environmental impact.


This Brooklyn-based brand isn't afraid to push boundaries. Their website reflects this with a bold, editorial aesthetic. High-contrast black and white photos and artistic product arrangements create a unique and visually arresting experience.


Founded by poet and designer Rosh Mahtani, Alighieri's jewellery is steeped in literary history. Their website reflects this with a warm and reminiscent aesthetic. Many of the photos look as though they have been taken on an old camera, creating a dreamy look.


Completedworks isn't your average jewellery brand. They find beauty and complexity in everyday things. Instead of following trends, they create unique pieces using mostly recycled materials. The website background takes a minimalistic approach with a beige background for showcasing their jewellery - letting each piece speak for itself along with large images on the homepage that are though provoking.

Pamela Love

Informed by travel, Pamela Love's signature celestial, spiritual, and terrestrial motifs celebrate the ritual of wearing jewellery. Soft, delicate photos against a clean backdrop evoke a celestial and spiritual atmosphere, inviting the viewer to connect with the deeper meaning in each piece.

Sofia Zakia

Each piece is a unique sculptural creation using elements of magic, alongside mythological references as inspiration. Sofia Zakia pieces always have a story to tell, or a symbolic meaning, making them feel powerful to wear and this can be seen on their website through close ups of each crafted piece. Against an off white background, each piece stands out for attention.

Your Website Design is a Reflection of Your Brand

The best jewellery website design is one that reflects your brand's unique identity and resonates with your target audience. Whether you choose a minimalist aesthetic, an interactive storytelling approach, a bold and playful vibe, or a luxurious multi-sensory experience, ensure your design choices complement your brand and the emotions your jewellery evokes.