A Comprehensive Guide to the Easy Student Discount App Features

Many businesses are constantly seeking innovative methods of attracting and engaging a younger demographic of lifelong customers. A powerful strategy to achieve this is through offering exclusive student discounts to connect with Gen Z. Businesses across the globe, big and small, use the Easy Student Discounts Shopify app to implement these irresistible incentives to students from over 10,000 institutions worldwide. Our app has many features which have been expertly designed to help you get the most out of your student discount deals, which we will explore in this article. 

University Discount Verification

At the very heart of this app is the ability to create and manage student discounts. With this feature, you can set up discounts exclusively available only to student customers. Our app will then securely verify the student status of these customers, before granting them access to your exclusive discount offers. This feature ensures only eligible customers can unlock these deals. 

Customisable Student Verification Emails

Easy Student Discounts app sends out emails to students to verify their student status. You can design your own student verification emails, to align with your branding and create a seamless order process for your customers to enjoy.

Student Discount Pop-Up Promotion

Our app equips you with the ability to add an eye-catching pop-up to promote your student discount, prompting customers to sign up and take advantage of your exclusive offer.

Your Own University Database

Although our app provides you with a database of over 10,000 institutions across 204 countries, you can also curate your own personal university database for your store. This means that you can tailor your student discount to target specific institutions only. Many users utilise this feature for exclusive partnerships with universities.

In-Depth Dashboard Analytics

Our app provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard, detailing the performance of your student discount. From conversion rates to revenue generated, you can track and analyse key metrics to help optimise your discount strategy.

Easy Student Discounts Help Centre

The app features a help centre which makes key information, such as frequently asked questions and best practice guidance, readily available to users.

Chat Support

We know that navigating a new Shopify app can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why we ensure that you can access real-time support through our built-in app chat, which connects you with our expert support team. 

University Requests

The university request feature that is a part of our app, enables you to submit institutions which you would like to be featured in our database, following a few procedural checks. This feature ensures that none of your eligible customers miss out on your irresistible student offers.


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Manual Discounts Generator

Although our app verifies student status and automatically provides discounts for eligible customers, the app also equips you with the ability to manually generate discount codes. This feature allows users to generate unique discount codes to directly send to specific individuals.

Easy Student Discounts is the ultimate student discount app, with a multitude of features essential for optimising the performance of your student discount deals. From customisable verification emails, in-depth analytics and chat support, our app will equip you with everything you need to attract new customers, boost sales and build brand loyalty. We strongly encourage you to explore these features for yourself by downloading the free to install Easy Student Discounts app and getting started today!